Feel like a Rio!

Today  feels like some kind of mid week crisis its just a Thursday , another day to go and there comes the weekend.I lay all noon cushioned in my bed watching  the animated movie Rio  with my 4yr old son. he was so lively and every minute he kept saying Mon I want a Rio I wanna fly like him: which is such a paradox to the movie .The protagonist of the movie the bird  Blue is feeling all blue because he is out of his cushioned and safe environment and not feeling in sync with nature Being such a lively bird of his kind he has never dared to fly.Its only when he tries to rescue his female friend he realizes that flying is so serene and so much fun.It took him time though to reaffirm that dream but yes he loves it.

That thought caught me deep and I felt we all are in a way like the bird Blue in the movie Rio. When any of our comfort factors fail to exist we sulk or go deep in a shell. It is so important as parents of  today to not just nurture and love but also allow our kids to be true fliers . Let them fly and make their mistakes or maybe at least try so that when they find their true missions in life they feel like true Rio`s who fly high and touch the sky use their full potential and realize their self worth. Its only when we realize our self worth we are less judgmental on others and ready to face the challenges that life unfolds..  

have you my readers ever felt like a true Rio and liberated yourself from any fear to fulfill your dreams?

It would be nice to hear of any thing from the real world as real is better than reel.


The True Facebook

In a given point in time we are always hard pressed to be our true self ” to be, or not to be, that is the question:” I get reminded of this wonderful quote which is the opening phrase of a  soliloquy  in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Its so easy to be ourselves and live on than, pretend to be someone else or what to be someone else  and dance to other peoples whims and fancies.


The latest trend today is Facebook  thanks to Mark Zuckerberg  who came up with this social networking idea  during his Harvard days, wherein  the students referred to the Photo address book as Facebook . That great invention was a boon to so many to find their  long lost pals from graduation and finding friends who made secret pacts to meet after so many years I remember making my own in our school and writing till we meet again with an encryption of the date  for all of our friends to catch up. Today even if distance comes in our way Facebook comes to our rescue  and venue to meet and renew our pacts to build and maintain  friendships. 


Sadly We  find this purpose less solved than envy and hate ruling the day  and actually face booking in to other people`s life. Let us ask ourself are we truly being true when  we  post each and every detail of ourselves  on Facebook or tweet our recent posts.You must be feeling all blue and lonely but you tweet” life rocks” with a smiley after that, or have the best profile of your`s posted for society sake whether that picture posted by you creates an image of you being happy .Is it actually  that what matters or deemed as being cool .


 Happiness is a self determined quotient and equation . Dont live other people`s life start living your own and you would see the difference. I asked a few friends of late what did they do since morning and the first response  comes without much ado that they logged in to facebook and checked other friends or friends of friends photos and were already feeling dissapointed why they could not have that desirable holiday or a birthday bash ,or a lavish wedding so on and so forth the list just goes on when somebody would ask us to type a wish list.  


Lets be a true facebook for the world and you will never feel the need to have a makeover of sorts to be accepted as a friend  in the  real world of Facebook. 

My kind of Rain!

My kind of Rain
O want  wonderful wonderful day! heaven came down and filled me with his love. my sins are washed away…. here i am back with a break of a day! actually its being pouring from morning and this hymn  is playing in my mind  like a radio with beautiful symphony again and again as I  sit engrossed in thoughts staring out of my window pane. Staying  most of my life in Mumbai rains was always a pain for adults who travel for work because they had to go through manholes that are left unattended and play the game of life and death for them  unlike school kids who enjoy wearing gumboots and play splash play with their friends on  their way home from school. Never really experienced rain so clean and serene as I experience it here in Bangalore. I put my hand to actually feel the rain my son loves it too so its another splash splash  play for him

looking up to the sky I thank the almighty for being so kind and sending this rain when its needed the most. Its a metaphor for life unless we truly need something God fails to give it to us . It could be anything a job , a home, love of  your life, serenity,  and the list is endless. Here to be precise its the weather as it was too hot and this heat was turning all of us like angry monsters waiting to exhale. My neighborhood had some workers who were running with their kids to find a place for shelter. My heart ached to see them so homeless in the true sense. lovers could be seen walking across the by lanes to get coy as the weather was playing their favorite tune and making them dance to its tunes.Truly a catch 22 situation for them .It rained  and with the loud thunder and lightning was scary too, but definitely reminded me of my good old granny who said whenever  there was a heavy shower of rains as  the one today God`s must be happy or a sure wedding happening in heaven. I somehow felt like believing those innocent stories seeing the lovely couple in love wished they were married for life.Water is a true face wash and cleanser that cleans you thoroughly of all  your reservations, Feels  like rejuvenation. power packed  to start living for a new day . Open my arms and want to tell God ” Bring it on cos I know you gonna help me sail through in your special boat.”

Reflections on Relationships!

I just happened to meet a young lady who says she is not finding the right match to get hitched so she believes in  being single and that single status to your profile adds a cool instinct . I asked to myself  Is there a right match for that matter? It was as though I was teaching my son in one of his  puzzle exercises to match the right shadowed image of the perfect animal. Could we think of that  when we think of a similar situation in relationships.each one is unique is his/her own way and one has to learn to respect that. The entire humanity has always deemed of having all perfect things in life our personality, ambitions, attitude and finally the perfect man!!!

Any or all kinds of talks and words of wisdom on relationships and adjustments to be made. the pros and cons of being in to celibacy lifelong  were all in vain. Actually I got a feeling its not about finding the right match but having the preparedness to get in to any relationship that leads us to further pushing us to the next level of the relationship.Being in to a marital relationship of seven years , I have had my shares of  ups and downfalls but there is always a ray of silver lining in every problem or situation which keeps us smiling away through all our blue weathers as an when they arrive.
Its the comfort cushions that we all are sitting through all our lives and expecting things to happen to us that makes us so rigid and we fall prey to assumptions on life.  so just get up and be receptive and experience change so  that you know you at least gave it a try to any relationship to work its wonders on your life. If it works bingo! but  you can be sure you are not left with a cloud of dismay or a blame game to play  over your head that leaves you with unfulfilled dreams and desires. So live on and live free!!