Feel like a Rio!

Today  feels like some kind of mid week crisis its just a Thursday , another day to go and there comes the weekend.I lay all noon cushioned in my bed watching  the animated movie Rio  with my 4yr old son. he was so lively and every minute he kept saying Mon I want a Rio I wanna fly like him: which is such a paradox to the movie .The protagonist of the movie the bird  Blue is feeling all blue because he is out of his cushioned and safe environment and not feeling in sync with nature Being such a lively bird of his kind he has never dared to fly.Its only when he tries to rescue his female friend he realizes that flying is so serene and so much fun.It took him time though to reaffirm that dream but yes he loves it.

That thought caught me deep and I felt we all are in a way like the bird Blue in the movie Rio. When any of our comfort factors fail to exist we sulk or go deep in a shell. It is so important as parents of  today to not just nurture and love but also allow our kids to be true fliers . Let them fly and make their mistakes or maybe at least try so that when they find their true missions in life they feel like true Rio`s who fly high and touch the sky use their full potential and realize their self worth. Its only when we realize our self worth we are less judgmental on others and ready to face the challenges that life unfolds..  

have you my readers ever felt like a true Rio and liberated yourself from any fear to fulfill your dreams?

It would be nice to hear of any thing from the real world as real is better than reel.


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