The True Facebook

In a given point in time we are always hard pressed to be our true self ” to be, or not to be, that is the question:” I get reminded of this wonderful quote which is the opening phrase of a  soliloquy  in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Its so easy to be ourselves and live on than, pretend to be someone else or what to be someone else  and dance to other peoples whims and fancies.


The latest trend today is Facebook  thanks to Mark Zuckerberg  who came up with this social networking idea  during his Harvard days, wherein  the students referred to the Photo address book as Facebook . That great invention was a boon to so many to find their  long lost pals from graduation and finding friends who made secret pacts to meet after so many years I remember making my own in our school and writing till we meet again with an encryption of the date  for all of our friends to catch up. Today even if distance comes in our way Facebook comes to our rescue  and venue to meet and renew our pacts to build and maintain  friendships. 


Sadly We  find this purpose less solved than envy and hate ruling the day  and actually face booking in to other people`s life. Let us ask ourself are we truly being true when  we  post each and every detail of ourselves  on Facebook or tweet our recent posts.You must be feeling all blue and lonely but you tweet” life rocks” with a smiley after that, or have the best profile of your`s posted for society sake whether that picture posted by you creates an image of you being happy .Is it actually  that what matters or deemed as being cool .


 Happiness is a self determined quotient and equation . Dont live other people`s life start living your own and you would see the difference. I asked a few friends of late what did they do since morning and the first response  comes without much ado that they logged in to facebook and checked other friends or friends of friends photos and were already feeling dissapointed why they could not have that desirable holiday or a birthday bash ,or a lavish wedding so on and so forth the list just goes on when somebody would ask us to type a wish list.  


Lets be a true facebook for the world and you will never feel the need to have a makeover of sorts to be accepted as a friend  in the  real world of Facebook. 


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