Reflections on Relationships!

I just happened to meet a young lady who says she is not finding the right match to get hitched so she believes in  being single and that single status to your profile adds a cool instinct . I asked to myself  Is there a right match for that matter? It was as though I was teaching my son in one of his  puzzle exercises to match the right shadowed image of the perfect animal. Could we think of that  when we think of a similar situation in relationships.each one is unique is his/her own way and one has to learn to respect that. The entire humanity has always deemed of having all perfect things in life our personality, ambitions, attitude and finally the perfect man!!!

Any or all kinds of talks and words of wisdom on relationships and adjustments to be made. the pros and cons of being in to celibacy lifelong  were all in vain. Actually I got a feeling its not about finding the right match but having the preparedness to get in to any relationship that leads us to further pushing us to the next level of the relationship.Being in to a marital relationship of seven years , I have had my shares of  ups and downfalls but there is always a ray of silver lining in every problem or situation which keeps us smiling away through all our blue weathers as an when they arrive.
Its the comfort cushions that we all are sitting through all our lives and expecting things to happen to us that makes us so rigid and we fall prey to assumptions on life.  so just get up and be receptive and experience change so  that you know you at least gave it a try to any relationship to work its wonders on your life. If it works bingo! but  you can be sure you are not left with a cloud of dismay or a blame game to play  over your head that leaves you with unfulfilled dreams and desires. So live on and live free!!

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