My kind of Rain!

My kind of Rain
O want  wonderful wonderful day! heaven came down and filled me with his love. my sins are washed away…. here i am back with a break of a day! actually its being pouring from morning and this hymn  is playing in my mind  like a radio with beautiful symphony again and again as I  sit engrossed in thoughts staring out of my window pane. Staying  most of my life in Mumbai rains was always a pain for adults who travel for work because they had to go through manholes that are left unattended and play the game of life and death for them  unlike school kids who enjoy wearing gumboots and play splash play with their friends on  their way home from school. Never really experienced rain so clean and serene as I experience it here in Bangalore. I put my hand to actually feel the rain my son loves it too so its another splash splash  play for him

looking up to the sky I thank the almighty for being so kind and sending this rain when its needed the most. Its a metaphor for life unless we truly need something God fails to give it to us . It could be anything a job , a home, love of  your life, serenity,  and the list is endless. Here to be precise its the weather as it was too hot and this heat was turning all of us like angry monsters waiting to exhale. My neighborhood had some workers who were running with their kids to find a place for shelter. My heart ached to see them so homeless in the true sense. lovers could be seen walking across the by lanes to get coy as the weather was playing their favorite tune and making them dance to its tunes.Truly a catch 22 situation for them .It rained  and with the loud thunder and lightning was scary too, but definitely reminded me of my good old granny who said whenever  there was a heavy shower of rains as  the one today God`s must be happy or a sure wedding happening in heaven. I somehow felt like believing those innocent stories seeing the lovely couple in love wished they were married for life.Water is a true face wash and cleanser that cleans you thoroughly of all  your reservations, Feels  like rejuvenation. power packed  to start living for a new day . Open my arms and want to tell God ” Bring it on cos I know you gonna help me sail through in your special boat.”


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